X3 - XTREME™ 47 FREE SHIPPING Mainland Canada
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X3 - XTREME™ 47

    • Faster - Stronger - Lighter - The new X3 Xtreme
    • The Perfect Balance of Lightweight, Rigidity & Strength
    • Ultimate Lightness & Rigidity - 15% more rigid and 20% stronger than previous Xtreme poles
    • Fully Telescopic Extending Sections
    • 9 Section High Modulus (63.3MSI) Carbon Fibre Telescopic Pole
    • Features latest Smart Clamps with embedded locking nuts
    • Base Handle Section has outer insulated layer for safety
    • Comes Complete with FREE Super-Lite Brush, Quick LoQ Gooseneck, 'All Season' Pole Hose & Connector

Click Here to view the Xtreme Pole User Guide .pdf -Please read before purchasing - these poles need to be maintained in strict accordance with this user guide to prevent damage or wear.

X3 - Xtreme 47

9 Section High Modulus Telescopic Pole

Comes complete with FREE Super-Lite® Brush, Quick-LoQ Gooseneck, 'All Season' Pole Hose & Connector

For those wanting an Xtreme pole focused on high-level work the Xtreme 47 is the perfect choice. Designed to be used at high levels for long periods of time this pole can be used at 47 or 52ft as a fully telescopic pole or with the addition of modular extensions can be used at up to 77ft (reach 80ft+)

We do not recommend the use of an Aquadapter or similar devices on Xtreme Poles - select our pole flow valve option if required


  • High Modulus (63.3MSI) Carbon Fibre Telescopic Pole
  • Innovation not imitation - The lightest rigid telescopic pole range on the Planet!
  • Reduce fatigue and strain to the absolute minimum
  • Increase productivity and speed on the job
  • Patented Construction - Granted Utility Patent No. GB2488342
  • Utility Patents also applied for throughout Europe and the US

  • Item #: X3 - XTREME™ 47

X3 - XTREME™ 47 FREE SHIPPING Mainland Canada

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