The Super-Lite® Xtreme - NEW BRUSH
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The Super-Lite® Xtreme Soft Hybrid - NEW BRUSH


Product Overview

New Design - now even lighter and with twin jet holes - 100g bare and 115g complete with jets, T connector and jet hose.

New Brush - Super-Lite Xtreme® Soft Hybrid - the ultimate lightweight brush. Only 115 grams complete with jets/hose/T piece.

Simple Brush Guide - For those that want the ultimate in light weight. A very soft short bristled brush for good cleaning with minimum effort - ideal for those who want a very soft brush.

Designed for users who want the lightest WFP brush whilst still achieving excellent cleaning results. Also ideal for use on ultra deep-reach goosenecks.

Ultra Lightweight Brush - 115g

Mono-Filament outer bristles and semi-absorbent inner bristles

Ideal for regular maintenance cleans and Georgian/leaded windows

Comes fitted with jets, tube & 'T' piece.

Bristle Stiffness = Soft - 260mm wide

Ideal for rinsing on the glass

Colour may vary

Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 30°C 

Replaces our previous Xtreme soft brush


  • Item #: The Super-Lite® Xtreme Brush

The Super-Lite® Xtreme - NEW BRUSH

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