Fill N Go 4-Stage RO/DI & Truck Mount


4 stage RO/DI system all mounted to the 50 gallon tank system.

Comes with metal reel w/300' hose capacity (hose and battery not included)


The Fill N Go Truck Mount Spot-Free Water Systems have been engineered for the window cleaner by a company with a Window cleaning industry background.

The Fill N Go Truck Mount Spot-Free Water Systems features an industry best 1:1 recovery rate. That means less down the drain and more RO water for your application.

The Fill N Go Truck Mount Spot-Free Water Systems feature  RHG’s Serviceable Housings and integrated Quick-Connect Fittings.

The Fill n Go consists of:

  • Aluminum Truck Mount Frame
  • 50 gal tank
  • 2 - 12volt pumps (5gpm Booster Pump + 1gpm Delivery Pump)
  • 1 - 20in  Carbon/Sediment Filter
  • 2 - 20in Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • 1 - 20in DI Resin Filter
  • On Board TDS Meter
  • Delivery Pump Controller
  • Inlet Pressure Guage
  • Battery Box (Battery not included)
  • Hose Reel w/ 200ft 3/8in Hose
  • DI shut off valve for running RO water only

Set up/Set down on the job is easier when you carry some water with you. Just fill your tank up at home base. Get to the job, pull your hose and pole out of the vehicle. Turn the pump on, Clean the windows. Turn pump off, reel hose back in and put your pole away and on to your next job.



  • Item #: Fill N Go 4-Stage RO/DI & Truck

Fill N Go 4-Stage RO/DI & Truck Mount

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