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CLX-II Carbon Composite Pole

CLX-10 - 3 section telescopic pole comes complete with free All-Season pole hose and QuicK-LoQ Gooseneck

  • 50% Carbon Fibre Content in Extending Sections - Featuring the Gardiner Smart Clamps
  • Extended Length - 3.08m
  • Closed Length - 1.14m
  • Weight - 625g
  • Handle Diameter - 28mm
  • Section Material - 50/50 Carbon Fibre/Glass Fibre on all extending sections

    Clamp Material - Dupont-Zytel® thermoplastic reinforced nylon

    Insulated matt finish handle section

    Top of pole has a No.1 size Gardiner Smart Clamp to connect to the Gardiner QuicK-LoQ gooseneck system

     UK, US, European & Chinese Utility Patents applied


    Download Technical Information for The New CLX-10 (PDF)

  • Item #: CLX-10


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